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welcome to anivert forum

Post by army3700 on Sun Jan 13, 2008 1:38 am

hey all members Smile thanks for registering on anivert forum but please i want to tell you what you can do and can't do because i tried to fix it but couldn't
what can you do:
1- post a text ( don't forget respect other people, and your responsible of what you post)
2- post images ( but if its violent as pornographic i will ban the member without any warnings) so please respect other peoples
3- insert links as direct download or other websites do it but your responsible of what you post Wink and if you want to post advertisement website or even your site please do it on Aniduce in your posted message and you can edit it as you like
4- you can challenge other members by going to AniVs sub forum of anicool about the challenge rule i will post the rules in the future and the rules can be edited as well Smile.
5- you can use some html or bbcode on your post but please help me and other members. so please write down how to do it on Forum Tutorials
6- you can complain about anything in this forum should have or haven't on Anivice
7- you can switch editor mode on the right top of this table next to Servimg button
* what can't do:
1- post youtube or similar shows ( if you know please tell me how) (but still can post image of the show with direct link to the show url Smile )
2- there is no upload place in the forum Sad my bad but hey you can uplaod your files then link it to here Wink
hope to enjoy my forum

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