any internet Voluntary needed

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any internet Voluntary needed

Post by army3700 on Wed Oct 08, 2008 8:38 am

hi Smile
i need a Voluntaries to help me to develop the forum to a next stage
ok if you got one of those requirement then you can help me to improve anivert

ok i need :
1- seeder: who can help me to upload my torrent files
2- moderator : who can help me to manage this forum
3- program user: if you like to try new programs and/or talk about programs
4- web user: if you know about websites or html or how to create them
5- graphic designer: if you like to design pictures or editing them.
6- online period: if you like to be online for long hours or can be online for
long hours
7- internet user: if you like to surf webs and like to join forums
8- innovative: if you have new ideas and want to discuss about it. Or just new
ideas that will help
9- anime fan: if you like to talk about animes or anything that to deal with
10- advertiser: if you like to advertise my group to anyone.
11- poster: if you like to post messages in forum and talk
12- imager: if you like to share your collected images with me as anime,
nature, animals, etc

as I said itís a volunteer. Because I canít pay a thing and Iím
a double broke
and Iím a free users so i like to take and give free things Smile so join me to creat a free comunity of use Wink

so if you want to contact me just send me mail to and i'll be waiting Smile


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