Why my pc slowing down and hanged?

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Why my pc slowing down and hanged?

Post by army3700 on Thu Oct 02, 2008 11:08 am

ok the answer is one of these possibilities or more:
1- your anti-virus program takes a big space of your Ram memory, for example Norton antivirus and Macafee it slow down your pc on start up and shutdown, or other security programs that will slow down your pc. the solution for this :
A- uninstall it and install other anti- virus software that takes a small size of your pc if you need more help you can go to this website to show you the world rank on antivirus programs
I- PC wolrd magazin
II- Antivirus review
III- Dig a list
IV- all internet security
V- YouTube
VI- 2009 software review
B- upgrade your RAM
2- you may have a spyware adware or what so ever of bugs ware that can slow down your pc Sad. the solution for this:
A- get a spayware program if you dont have one:
I- Anti-spayware review
B- i found an articl but i can be with it because it use so many programs that will surlly slow down your pc. Top 10 Tips to keep that new computer spyware-free

3- because of alot installing and uninstalling programs in your
pc that leave registered files in your registry system. for this you need a registry
cleaner or if you know how to deal with the registry editor then please post a
message and tell us how with pictures if its ok with you Smile ( yeah i may know how but its a long proccess and i'm a super lazy person so when ever i find a time i will talk about it tongue)
ok about registery cleaner i'm using ccleaner and you can use one of the top ten sites of registriy cleaner or fix or what ever they want to call it but go and see it if you want to:
I- http://registry-repair-software-review.toptenreviews.com/
II- information week


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