how to creat and share your torrent file with pictures

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how to creat and share your torrent file with pictures

Post by army3700 on Wed Mar 05, 2008 6:38 am

hi all ....
before i start i want to tell you something and it's the torrent is P2P connection with a certain server that be careful of what your downloading Smile... and here we goo
these are the requirements that you'll need to share your torrent:
1- torrent creating program: i suggest to use [url=""]maketorrent[/url] program and who uses bitcomet program it will not upload probably
2- member in torrent site as [url=""]mininova[/url] site " it simple to use and don't required to post messages to upload"
3- public tracker as one of these or all of them:
4- torrent program: i prefer [url=""]Bitcomet[/url] because we will need it to upload our torrents and to insert our website for the torrent we use.
now we will create a torrent file see the figures:

figure 1:
1- settings tab: where to add new trackers "i will talk about it later
2- click on classic mode to be easy to use.
3- [dir]: means directory. select a folder that have many files that you want to share.
4- file: select a file to share.
5- 1torrent for entire folder : means to create one torrent for folder, example; if you have 5 files in one folder and you click on this it will create one torrent for the 5 files.
6- 1 torrent each: this will create 5 torrents for the 5 files
7- enter tracker url: okay here to choose the tracker "server" that you want to share with. for me i'm using "Pirate bay"
8- backup tracker: if you want to choose more trackers chick the box then click the backup torrent
9- create torrent: this button to start saving your files in torrent, but first it will tell you where to save it then it will start the process of creating torrent.
okay if you want to add trackers that are not being added in this program
click on setting tab, number 1 of figure 1
now you will see this figure

figure 2:
1- classic: make shore its on classic mode. to see the same picture here
2- name: okay here put the name of the tracker you want to add
3- announce url: here put the url of the trackers you want to add for example "" put all the url link and if it has ;80 as pate it all
4- add: click on it to add it to the private trackers box
5- save now: just to make shore that the program save it so we can use it for backup torrent, number 8 of figure 1
if you don't want to add a website link then go to the last step "uploading"
now you can upload it but if you have a website and you want to tell the users of your torrent where is the site, read this step
adding your site link to the torrent file:

figure 3:
open your bitcomet program then drag and drop the torrent file you created to the bitcomet it will open a window that showing you as figure 3
1- ...: click this to go where the files are for example if i'm sharing image on "C:\Documents and Settings\[userName]\My Documents\My Pictures" and the file name is image.jpg then click on number 1 in figure 3 the go to "C:\Documents and Settings\[userName]\My Documents\My Pictures" then press ok
2- publisher tab: this will be showing in figure 4
to add your link"url" of your site and the name see figure 4

figure 4
1- name: here add the name you want to be showing
2- url: here paste the link "url" you want to go to
finally last step of creating a torrent file

figure 5
this step is very important for who has a website:
now after finishing from figure 4 go to the torrent that you created and dropped it in bitcomet click on the right mouse
1- save as: click on this one to save it as torrent again, but this time it will not take any time to create it, now save it with different name from the old torrent or change the place to save it. for example if the first torrent you created named "myfiles.torrent" in "c:\folderA" save the new one as "my_files" in "c:\folderA" or save the new one as "myfiles.torrent" in "c:\folderB"
yeah one last thing after that you may find the new torrent file saved without the torrent icon as showing in figure 6

figure 6:
1- when you saved your torrent from bitcomet it may shows you the file icon as this.
2- put the mouse over it then click right click then click on rename
then add after the file name ".torrent" then press enter on the keyboard Smile now you can see the torrent icon right? Wink now delete the old torrent file you and share the new one
Important note when you delete the torrent file from the bitcomet go to delete >>> delete task only as showing in figure 7

figure 7
1- click on it
2- choose this one just this one please man chose this one only.
hey:affraid: if you click to the other one it will delete your files for good and if thats done!!!!, if you don't kill your self i will come to you and kill you badly after that i will blow up my freaking head and pait all your room with my head blod so please be careful:shock:
the last step "uploading"
i dont think its hard to do but because i prefer to use then i will just talk about it
1- register
2- log in
3- go to upload >>> torrent file
4- press on brows, add your torrent file
5- choose the right category for it
6- write a description of the files as if its video write if its English dubbed or subbed as you like
7- click on submit torrent
Note: please read their rules and don't check next to Submit anonymously box let it empty so you can delete it in the future.
if you have any question please ask Smile i'll be happy to answer you bounce

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